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So, Patchouli is NOT my favorite... but I have a really great customer/friend who just loves it! So I made it for her and she asked that it be called Dirty Hippy. So here ya go, Jeri... you dirty hippy! 


We use American Grown Soy Wax hand poured in small batches in our N. Georgia candle shop. They are poured into 8 ounce smooth side glass jelly jars with a unique black lid made in Pennsylvania. Under the lid there will be a warning/burning instruction sticker. We will also include our card with some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your wonderful soy candle. We use cotton core wicks designed to work with the soy wax and give you a great hot throw. Triple Scented (over an ounce fragrance oil per pound of wax) Our candles burn 35-45 hours. Most fragrance oils are Phthalate free. 6.5oz.

Dirty Hippy (Patchouli)

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